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Meanwhile, on the volcanic planet of Mustafar, the Naboo Skiff lands...

After Padme arrives on Mustafar in her sleek, silver Naboo skiff, she quickly exits the ramp and runs to Anakin. She begins to relay to Anakin Obi-Wan’s accusations about the massacre in the Jedi Temple.

However, instead of refuting the accusations, Anakin replies, "Obi-Wan's alive?" Padme starts to worry that Obi-Wan will track Anakin down and kill him. Anakin questions Padme to find out if she told Obi-Wan where he was. She replies that she didn't tell him.

Satisfied with her response, Anakin begins to lure Padme into a more deadly plan – his plan – to rid the galaxy of Palpatine.

He tries to convince Padme to let Palpatine declare himself Emperor. He states that the Republic needed to be destroyed; the Jedi, the Separatists... Once Palpatine unites everyone under his Empire, he will kill him, then Anakin and Padme can rule the galaxy together.

Padme is not happy with this, and just as she begins to tell him to stop, Anakin spots Obi-Wan exiting the ship.

"You!" growls Anakin, in a dark voice – his eyes turning non-human.

Padme turns around to see Obi-Wan walking towards them

”Padme, move away from him,” says Obi-Wan calmly.

"Obi-Wan? No!” exclaims Padme. She turns back to her husband only to find him looking at her with intense anger.

” brought him here?!” says Anakin dumbfounded.

Suddenly, Padme begins to gasp...Anakin uses the Force to choke her. Anakin tells her how much he loved her as Padme desperately tries to breathe.

”Let her go,” pleads Obi-Wan.

”You're not going to take her away from me,” adds Anakin. Anakin, in turn, blames Obi-Wan for turning her against him.

Anakin looks at Obi-Wan and replies, “Never!" And with that, Padme faints.

Obi-Wan races over and checks Padme's pulse. Anakin offers Obi-Wan a chance to leave – ‘for old time’s sake.’ But Obi-Wan is on a mission to destroy the Sith.

As Threepio and Artoo drag Padme's body up to the ship, the duel to destory Vader begins.

Chapter 9: "And beware the powers of the Emperor..."