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Yoda walks down a long hallway that leads to the entrance of a room called the "Holding Office of the Supreme Chancellor." Two Imperial Guards block the room. As Yoda approaches lightning shoots from the hands of the Emperor. Yoda makes a subtle gesture and deflects the lightning; shocking the Imperial Guards into unconciousness.

Yoda removes his lightsaber and the Great Battle begins. With speed and veracity it moves closer to the huge Chancellor's Pod that occupies the middle of the room until the Jedi and the Sith are upon its great foundations. Suddenly, the pod begins to rise as the two combatants battle it out.

"Your time is over! The Sith rule the galaxy! Now and forever!" says Sidious.

Suddenly, in Yoda's hand, a new creation is born from the Jedi that had secretly bonded themselves together over the last millenia - a blade of light.

"At an end your rule is, and not short enough it was, I must say," replies Yoda.

Then, from a hidden place within his robe, Sidious pulls back the cloth and a small weapon falls into his hand.

When the blades meet, it is more than Yoda against Palpatine, more the millennia of Sith against the legions of Jedi; it is the expression of the fundamental conflict of the universe itself: light against dark.

Chapter 8: Friends Becoming Foes