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In the Communication Center in the Jedi Temple, Mace gets a message about Obi-Wan's success. Suddenly, Anakin enters. He's in deep shock. He gives Mace the truth: Palpatine is Sidious!

Mace orders him to stay at the Council Chamber, and decides it's time to act against the Chancellor. As Yoda is on Kashyyyk defending the Clone Command Centre situated there, and Anakin cannot be fully trusted, Agen Kolar, Mace Windu, Kit Fisto and Saesee Tiin take a Republic Gunship to Palpatine's private office to arrest him.

However, this action is not welcome by all members of the Jedi Council - some who believe they should wait for Yoda's return. Mace commands Shaak-Ti to begin to prepare for the defense of the Temple against a possible retaliation attack.

As Shaak-Ti prepares to defend the Jedi Temple, Anakin Skywalker takes a speeder, and through the pouring rain, flies to the Chancellor's Office.

Meanwhile, the Jedi arrive at the Senate. Mace and his posse make their way towards the private office of Palpatine where he is awaiting them. As they enter the office, Palpatine activates an audio recording device and secretly hides his saber in the sleeve of his robe.

The trap is set.

The four Jedi confront Palpatine who acts surprised and fearful. The Jedi light their sabers. But, without warning, Palpatine strikes first; killing Saesee Tiin and Agen Kolar within a fraction of a second.

"Murder! Treason!" he shouts.

Then he smiles. Putting his finger to his lips, and winking at the two Jedi, Palpatine destroys the recording device with a stab of his red lightsaber.

"Enough of this!" declares Sidious; and with a slash of his saber, the green head of Kit Fisto lands on the Chancellor's control center. Mace begins his attack. The two fight, moving into the public office of the Chancellor.

Outside in the rain, Anakin drives the speeder close to the window. Kit Fisto's head stares directly at him from upon the desk. Anakin lights his saber and cuts through the glass, entering the private office. Passing through the short corridor, he enters the Chancellors public office, where Palpatine duels with Master Windu.

Anakin stands by and watches the duel in the shadows.

The battling Mace cuts a hole in the window of the office, planning to push Sidious out, but that does not work initially. They fight again, slowly moving towards the window. They eventually end up outside the office, on the narrow ledge of the Republic Executive Office. The rain continues to fall.

After intense fighting, Mace cuts Palpatine's saber in half. The Sith suddenly turns and addresses Anakin who can now be seen in the office.

"You see? Didn't I warn you of the Jedi and their treason?" he says. Mace continues his stare at the Chancellor.

Suddenly, just when Mace is about to strike down and destroy the Sith, Palpatine unleashes his power and lightning strikes from his hand. His face ages dramaticially into an aged old man before the Jedi's eyes.

"FOOL!" he exclaims.

Mace blocks the lightning with his blade but this is a hard moment for both combatants as they both begin to call to Anakin. Anakin now stands at Mace's shoulder, unsure what to do: Sidious wants him to kill the traitor but the Jedi Master orders him to kill the Sith and fulfill his destiny as the Chosen One.

At last, Palpatine collapses and begs for mercy from Mace.

"I cannot, I turn myself over to you. I am too weak in the end. Too old, weak ... I give up. Don't kill me, Master Windu. I surrender..." says Sidious.

"Wait!" cries Anakin, grabbing Mace's arm from delivering the final blow. "Don't kill just can't kill him Master."

"Yes I can," replies Mace, "I have to."

"You came to arrest him. He has to stand trial."

"A trial would be a joke. He controls the courts. He controls the Senate."

"So are you going to kill all of them too?" asks Anakin. "Like he said you would?"

Mace yanks his arm free. "He's too dangerous to be left alive. If you could have taken Dooku alive, would you have?

Anakin stares at Mace, "That was different."

"You can explain the difference after he's dead," replies Mace sternly.

"I need him alive! I need him to save Padme!" says Anakin to a bewildered Mace.

But Mace just turns and is about to finish his final strike against The Sith when Anakin unleashes his anger and cuts off Mace's saber hand. Sidious suddenly jumps to his feet and unleashes Force lightning of immense power, lifting Mace up and throwing him out of the broken window to his death below.

Once Mace is killed, Anakin pledges his attachment to the Sith Order. Sidious gives him the title Darth Vader and instructs him in his first mission... sterilization of The Jedi Temple.

Afterwards, the newly revealed Palpatine-as-Darth-Sidious commands Anakin, now Sith apprentice Darth Vader, to travel to Mustafar. There, he is to locate the remaining Separatist leaders and kill them.

Chapter 6: Revelations