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After Palpatine's kidnapping, he immediately returns to the Senate and announces the establishment of Regional Governors across the galaxy. However, this ia a move not welcomed by many Senators since the orders for the governors comes directly from Palpatine - not the Senate.

The Regional Governors Decree has begun.

Hundreds of governors with large security forces made up of thousands of clones are being dispatched around the galaxy. Amidala is not happy; it is a memory of the Federation's control of Naboo.

"As a practical matter, as of this morning, the Senate no longer exists," Mon Mothma, states matter-of-factly.

"Alderaan has no armed forces; we don't even have a planetary defense system!" fears Bail.

The Senate no longer has control.

Senator Mon Mothma and Senator Bail Organa have begun to form alliance; an organization. They decide to pull together the Star Systems that are opposed to Palpatine's new dictatorship.

After a small meeting in Bail's office, Mon Mothma and Bail discuss two names to lead a petition against the Chancellor; Terr Taneel and Amidala. Mon Mothma wants Amidala, although Bail is unsure of her choice. Her alignment with Palpatine's home planet of Naboo is a cause of concern to them.

"She is intelligent, principled, extremely articulate, and she has the heart of a warrior," states Mon Mothma.

"How sure can you be that she will stand with us, and not with him?" questions Bail.

They decide to have a meeting with Senator Amidala where Amidala discusses the move against the Chancellor.

In a meeting in her Coruscant Apartment, Mon Mothma offers the opportunity for Amidala to lead a petition against the rule of the Chancellor. With two thousand signatures, Mon Mothma and Bail hope to stop the Chancellor from taking away more of the democracy of the Republic with a showing of solidarity from the Senate.

Amidala is happy to lead but has one condition: "I think we should consult the Jedi." replies Padme.

But who does she trust? There is only one answer for her; an old friend: Master Kenobi.

Later on, after the failed attack on Coruscant, the Separatist general known as Grievous contacts Lord Sidious. Sidious instructs his general to go to a secret base on the distant, neutral planet of Utapau. When he arrives on the planet, he is to wait for the arrival of the Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi: then, he is to destroy him.

Shortly thereafter, Anakin receives a report from Palpatine through the Chancellor's Clone Intelligence network. This network has discovered the secret base of Grievous. Anakin passes this information onto the Jedi Council who sends Obi-Wan Kenobi to finally lead an assault to destroy the General.

On Utapau, Obi-Wan lands and goes to meet up with a facilitator of the planet, Tion Medon.

With the help of Tion, Obi-Wan is eventually able to track down and face General Grievous. A battle ensues and Obi-Wan eventually gains the upper-hand, putting Grievous down with his own blaster to the gut.

Chapter 3: The Nightmare